Submit to the Northridge Review!

Hey everyone! This semester, I am one of the editors for the Northridge Review. In case you don’t know, the NR is CSUN’s literary magazine, started long before the Northridge Creative Writing Circle was even a thing. While we’re separate entities, many of our members in the NCWC have been published in the NR in our relatively short timespan, and I hope you will continue that! The NR is currently accepting Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, and even Drama! Also, we are accepting art submissions, so if you or anyone you know has some awesome art pieces, you know where to send them! Spread the word, and I look forward to seeing your work!

To submit, simply go to and follow the submission guidelines. The deadline is Friday, October 3, so don’t wait!

Submission flyer


Duck Poem

As requested, here is my duck poem from our first meeting where we had a free-write at the Orange Grove a few days ago.

“duck poem”

i am the king of this rock
said tim the duck

but we are only ducks
said tom the other duck

what does that mean
said tim
i can be king if i want to be

tom looked at tim quizically
but here in this pond

we do not have kings or leaders
no patriarchs or matriarchs no hierarchy

we are all equals brothers and sisters
gliding on the surface of the water
occasionally soaring through the sky

you may claim to be king
but you hold no authority

in this society where
there is no such thing

tim stared on pensively
for a moment then said
i’m still not getting off this rock

If at any of our free-writes you like what you come up with and want to share, feel free to polish it up and send it to us so we can post it here! (Unless you like it enough to submit it elsewhere; some publications don’t accept pre-published works.)

Meet the Clubs a Success!


On that warm Tuesday and Wednesday after labor day, we posted up at Meet the Clubs with two bowls of candy (one with chocolate, one with dum-dums), six copies of the Northridge Review (to showcase, of course), and a stack of handy-dandy flyers.


What we got in return was just under 100 signatures! A big shout-out to all those that made our experience at Meet the Clubs one of the most successful to date!


While we collected signatures and met all kinds of new and wonderful people (and passed out yummy candy), we got made some new memories and had a lot of fun along the way!


Here’s to a bright semester! We hope to make this semester a very special one indeed!

Glimmer Train Open Submissions!

It’s that time of year again: open submissions! Do you have stories about family, and are interested in submitting your work?

Submit to the Glimmer Train Press! Click the links below to get started:

The deadline is 9/30, and First place means publication in Issue 96 and an award of $1,500! Second and Third place winners will also receive a cash award, respectively, or, if accepted for publication, $700.

General Rules: stories up 12,000 words are welcome. There is a reading fee, but it is only $15 per story. Lastly, there can be no more than 3 submissions per category.

In the past, Glimmer Train has acknowledged past CSUN students and alumni for their work, including Karlee Johnson, Justin La Torre, and Gina Srmabekian.

So if you’ve got a good family story that needs some reading, send it to the lovely ladies over at Glimmer Train.

Feel free to check out their other categories: Very short fiction, Short Story Award for New Writers, Fiction Open, and others to see if you’d be interesting in submitting your work at a later time.

This Fall, dig through those piles and piles of work-shopped papers–and find something to submit! Now’s the time.