As requested, here is my duck poem from our first meeting where we had a free-write at the Orange Grove a few days ago.

“duck poem”

i am the king of this rock
said tim the duck

but we are only ducks
said tom the other duck

what does that mean
said tim
i can be king if i want to be

tom looked at tim quizically
but here in this pond

we do not have kings or leaders
no patriarchs or matriarchs no hierarchy

we are all equals brothers and sisters
gliding on the surface of the water
occasionally soaring through the sky

you may claim to be king
but you hold no authority

in this society where
there is no such thing

tim stared on pensively
for a moment then said
i’m still not getting off this rock

If at any of our free-writes you like what you come up with and want to share, feel free to polish it up and send it to us so we can post it here! (Unless you like it enough to submit it elsewhere; some publications don’t accept pre-published works.)